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The trust into technologies that enable such solutions will encourage important investments required in the infrastructure. 

Project progress, news, and highlights.

In particular, the energy transition needs to be accelerated to become less dependent from gas and oil energy.

As we face critical challenges, research and development of Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) needs to address them more than ever.

Climate change, CO2 footprint, energy transition, safety and security as well as sovereignty are key issues that the common population can very well relate to today.


Duration in months


Number of partners


Total budget in millions of euros



Number of countries

Trusted lifetime in operation for a Circular Economy

Inovations for the Automotive, Aviation and Industry 

Innovation cycles in Energy efficiency and Energy transition


ensures lifetime with digital means

ARCHIMEDES will build trust in the new technologies and thus contribute to accelerating the energy transition, safety and security for the future society 5.0.

Enviroment protection, sustainable energy

Project'slong-term goals

The faster the trust is built, more rapidly transition can be realized. On the other hand, technologies and products that will ensure the economic use of resources and enable a long and trusted lifetime of systems and components in the ECS domain require development.

To support this mission, ARCHIMEDES aims to change technologies and products in the automotive, aviation, infrastructure domains, and the related ecosystem towards a resilient, de-carbonized, digitalized, and green EU.

In ARCHIMEDES project, components, models and methodologies (e.g. predictive maintenance, digital twins, robust sensing) to increase the efficiency and trusted lifetime of propulsion components, power components and energy storage devices, will be developed.

Be the first in lifetime extension from 8,000 towards 120,000h and market readiness to accelerate the innovation cycles in energy efficiency and energy transition.



Archimedes project focuses on 5 ambitious key objectives.

Be the first in lifetime extension from 8,000 towards 120,000h and market readiness to accelerate the innovation cycles in energy efficiency and energy transition.




ARCHIMEDES project focuses on 5 ambitious key objectives.


ARCHIMEDESproject news

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Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the granting authority. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: ARCHIMEDES is supported by the Chips Joint Undertaking and its members, including the top-up funding by National Authorities  under Grant Agreement No 101112295.

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From this, the ARCHIMEDES project draws inspiration and ambition to advance the technologies for new technologies for energy transition, safety, and security.

ARCHIMEDES of Syracuse (287 BC - 212 BC) was the greatest mathematician of his age.

His contributions to geometry were revolutionary and his methods anticipated unparalleled progress beyond the State-of-the-Art. 


Archimedes of Syracuse with technical invovation
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