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ARCHIMEDES at TechTalk 2024 Event in Barcelona

On the 8th – 9th of February 2024, industry and academia representatives gathered for a strategic discussions event titled TechTalk 2024: Navigating the Convergence of Ecosystems. The event was designed for immersing participants in dynamic fishbowl discussions on the interconnected world of technology convergence. From the emergence of human-like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday interactions to the crucial role of semiconductors and SW, such as power electronics, 6G, and a new generation of solutions for SW Defined Vehicles also using RISC-V approach and closing the gap in shaping our connected futures. Participants explored the profound impact of these technologies on our lives

The conversations focused on the vital links created by IoT, Edge-AI, the edge-cloud computing continuum, industrial immersive technologies, the cybersecurity challenges in a hyperconnected world, the efficiency of APIs in seamless integration, and the exciting potential of Quantum Sensors and Quantum Communication. Participants and invited speakers shared insights on how these technologies, working hand-in-hand, mold the landscape of our future ecosystems.

ARCHIMEDES, A-IQ Ready, and FastLane projects were presented during this event.

ARCHIMEDES at TechTalk 2024 Event in Barcelona


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