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ARCHIMEDES General Assembly Toulouse

The Archimedes General Assembly took place on March 19th and 20th in Toulouse, marking a pivotal moment for the initiative. The event, hosted by Vitesco Technologies and organized by AVL brought together over 70 esteemed partners to share insights and advancements in the realm of technologies for the lifetime extension of electronics using digital means.

The Assembly commenced with a warm welcome from ARCHIMEDES Coordinator Reiner John and Project Manager Katrin Al Jezany, both AVL. Their opening remarks set the stage for an engaging and informative series of presentations and discussions.

Highlights of the first day were Work Package presentations covering various topics such as requirements, specifications, and current standards, to failure mechanisms for components and systems, showcasing ARCHIMEDES’ work and progress of the first year. Additionally, systems architecture and modelling, simulations and digital twins, as well as standardization and outreach activities were thoroughly explored.

The agenda also featured Supply Chain presentations, shedding light on critical areas such as power electronic lifetime extension, bi-directional charger reliability, long-life automotive powertrain, sensors for emergency response, dependable battery management systems, long-life environmental control systems in aviation, and dependable environmental control systems in industry.

Following these enlightening presentations, participants engaged in supply chain workshops, fostering collaboration and innovation among partners.

“The General Assembly of ARCHIMEDES has been an incredible opportunity for partners to come together and showcase the groundbreaking progress we’ve made in advancing automotive, aviation, and industry technologies,” remarked Reiner John. “With collaboration at the forefront, we are poised to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving positive change in the industry.”

ARCHIMEDES remains committed to its mission of revolutionising the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors through cutting-edge research and collaboration, and the success of this General Assembly underscores the project's unwavering dedication to this goal.

Photo credit: Vitesco Technologies

ARCHIMEDES General Assembly Toulouse


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