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ARCHIMEDES Roll-Up Poster: A Visual Showcase of Key Project Goals

In today's fast-paced world, effective communication is paramount in any project. To encapsulate the essence of a project and present its key goals in a visually captivating manner, the ARCHIMEDES team embarked on a creative endeavor - designing a roll-up poster.

The project's roll-up poster serves as a one-stop visual representation of the project's core objectives, milestones, and outcomes.

Its primary purpose is to convey vital information about the project in a concise and engaging way. The team brainstormed ideas and identified key themes to ensure that the poster would resonate with various stakeholders, including team members and outside audiences.

The poster's design aimed for simplicity and clarity, employing striking visuals, charts, and infographics to convey complex concepts. The team carefully curated content, focusing on the most essential information to avoid overwhelming the audience. The use of colors, typography, and graphics were strategically employed to evoke interest and maintain attention.

The roll-up poster's file can be downloaded here or from the Posters and flyers page:

ARCHIMEDES roll-up_poster
Download PDF • 9.20MB


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