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ARCHIMEDES Presented at AEC Workshop

Denis Dutey from STMicroelectronics and Horst Lewitschnig from Infineon Technologies Austria AG presented the groundbreaking ARCHIMEDES project at the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Workshop. The event will took place from April 23 to April 25, 2024, in Novi, Michigan, USA.

The presentation, titled "From Auto-Grade to EV-Grade: New Concepts and Qualification Methods for Extended Mission Profiles," delved into innovative approaches and advanced qualification methods designed to enhance the performance and reliability of electronic components in electric vehicles (EVs). This session addressed the evolving demands of the automotive industry as it transitions from traditional auto-grade standards to the more rigorous requirements of EV-grade components.

The AEC Workshop is a premier event for professionals in the automotive electronics industry, providing a platform for experts to share insights, discuss challenges, and explore the latest innovations. The presentation by Denis Dutey and Horst Lewitschnig was an anticipated highlight, offering valuable perspectives on the future of EV technology.

ARCHIMEDES Presented at AEC Workshop


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